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Mission Statement

"Empowering Gwinnett citizens to build sustainable communities"

Our Goals:

The Greater Gwinnett Group's goals are to:

  1. Get all Gwinnett cities to sign on to the Cool Cities Initiative
  2. Protect the quality of Gwinnett's streams, lakes and rivers
  3. Be an active voice in Gwinnett's electoral and legislative process
  4. Educate and empower Gwinnett citizens to become a voice for zoning and development of livable communities
  5. Reduce the amount of solid waste disposed by Gwinnett residents
  6. Create a space for social events for Gwinnett Sierra Club members and their friends, families and neighbors
  7. Increase membership and the diversity of our members in the Greater Gwinnett Group of the Sierra Club.

How we do it:

Have monthly meetings for socializing, sharing personal environmental interests and concerns, and to learn about environmental issues.

Have monthly social events and Outings to explore different parts of the county, meet other members and enjoy our green space.

Conservation focus areas:

  1. Educate others about the problems of invasive exotic species, by hosting a privet pull or other event to eradicate invasives each month
  2. Educate others about the issues of urban stream quality by hosting several stream cleanups each year
  3. Educate voters about the environmental positions of the candidates for county commissioner