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Sierra Club 101

The Georgia Chapter has over members and hundreds of volunteers who work to explore, enjoy and protect the environment in Georgia and around the world.

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Learn how you can help us work to preserve wildlands and wildlife, keep our air and water clean, and solve global warming.

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Contact Us

  • Co-Chairs:
    *Judy Gordon
    *Sam Booher
  • Vice-Chair:
    *Greg Sutherland
  • Secretary:
    Richard McCrary
  • Treasurer:
    *Julie Crowley
  • At-Large:
    Margaret Tuck
  • Membership Co-Chairs:
    *April Wilson
    Fred Hoogland
  • Webmaster:
    Charlotte Gardner, Web Design; (706)-868-1667;
  • Political Chair:
    Liz Johnson
  • Conservation Chair:
    Frank Carl
  • Chair, Local Food Coop Liason:
    * April Wilson
  • Chairs, Adopt-A-Stream Program:
    Richmond: Frank Carl
    Columbia: Mike Reardon
  • Chair, River Watch Clean-Up Program:
    Richard McCrary
  • Outings:
    Chair: [vacant]
    Leader: Judy Gordon

  • Group Address / Email:
    P.O.Box 3434, Augusta, GA 30914-1434
  * Executive Committee Member