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Do the following:

1. Create a new email message.

2. Leave the subject blank.

3. In the body, enter:

  SUB listname YourFirstName YourLastName

4. Substitute the name of the list you wish to subscribe to for listname, your real first name for YourFirstName, and your real last name for YourLastName.

For instance, if your name is Jane Doe, and you wish to subscribe to GA-OUTINGS, your message body should read:


5. Send the e-mail to:

6. Soon, you will receive a request for confirmation. Reply to this message with the word OK and send back the e-mail. Following this you will receive a confirmation of your subscription.

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Mailing Lists

Would you like to receive alerts as soon as they are available from the Sierra Club? With our mailing lists, you can, and they're free!

Group List
GA-SRG-NEWS   (subscribe / unsubscribe)
  • Category: Announcements, Alerts, Electronic newsletter
  • Description: This list is used to distribute meeting, outing, special events announcements, and action alerts from the Savannah River Group. This list is open to the public.


Chapter Lists
GA Chapter Online Community   subscribe / unsubscribe
  • Category: Announcements, Alerts
  • Description: This free service is a Voluntary Action Network for anyone interested in clean air and water, healthy communities and sustainable ecosystems. You do not have to be a Sierra Club member to join. · You can sign up for the issues you are interested in and the number of alerts your want to receive. · On a regular basis, once every month or two, you will receive an Action Alert. The Action Alert will describe the issue and provide a link to a webpage where you can complete a message to protect our environment.
GA-NEWSLETTER-ANNOUNCE   subscribe / unsubscribe
  • Category: Newsletter Announcements
  • Description: This list is used to announce when the online version of the Chapter newsletter, the GA Sierran, has been updated. This list is open to the public.
GA-OUTINGS   subscribe / unsubscribe
  • Category: Outings
  • Description: Our outings program is one of our most popular activities. The purpose of this list is to keep subscribers abreast of upcoming outings (such as hikes, backpacks, camping trips, etc.).  Anyone may subscribe.