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What is RSS?

RSS stands for "Really Simple Syndication." It is an XML-based standard format that many websites use to share their latest news and updates.

A program known as a feed reader can check RSS-enabled webpages and display any updated articles that it finds.

Client-side readers are typically standalone programs that you install on your compter, or they are extensions to existing programs like web browsers. Such programs are available for various operating systems (see list below).

Online (Web-based) feed readers require no software installation and make the feeds available on any computer with Web access.

RSS Readers
Popular readers include:

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RSS Feeds

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How To Subscribe
  • Step 1: Get an RSS reader.
    You can use an online reader which works from any web browser, or you can download software that runs on your computer. (See the sidebar for a list of popular readers.)
  • Step 2: Enter the location of the feed.
    In your RSS reader, add one or more of the following feeds:
Name / Description Instructions: To subscribe to a feed, copy its URL (listed below) and paste it into the "Add" feature of your RSS newsreader
Savannah River Group - What's New
The latest events, meetings, and outings from the Savannah River Group. []
(not active)
GA Sierra Club - What's New
The latest environmental alerts and news reports from the Georgia Chapter. []
(not active)
GA Sierra Club Currents
Facts, stories, quotes, "take action" features and the latest environmental buzz. []
(not active)
GA Sierra Club - Outings News
The latest Georgia Chapter outings and related news. []
(not active)