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Sierra Club 101

The Georgia Chapter has 11,000 members and hundreds of volunteers who work to explore, enjoy and protect the environment in Georgia and around the world.

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Learn how you can help us work to preserve wildlands and wildlife, keep our air and water clean, and solve global warming.

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If you join right now, you'll receive a FREE Sierra Club expedition pack. This lightweight, sturdy backpack is at home on the city streets or trekking up a mountain path.

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  Read our Group newsletter, the SR Sierran, to get the scoop on upcoming meetings, group activities, and community happenings. Read More »   Our Meetup group announces events, outings and volunteer opportunities that bring us together for fun times and support our campaigns. Sign up »  
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  The Sierra Club maintains a number of free Group and Chapter e-mail mailing lists. Subscription is open to anyone (except some special, members-only lists). Read More »   Get news and events, upcoming outings, and more from the Georgia Sierra Club via our free RSS feeds. Read More »  
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